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March 2016

Gibson Firebrand SG – Demo and Review Ryan and Steve from 60 Cycle Hum sit down with Ariel Levine of Dinosaur Ghost, among several music projects to review Ariel's Gibson Firebrand SG. The Gibson Firebrand SG was made in 1980 and 1981 and features a mahogany... Continue Reading →

Electro Faustus EF111 – GUITARDÄMMERUNG The guys over at Electro-Faustus only asked if they could. They never bothered to ask if they should. The result is the GUITARDÄMMERUNG. Somewhere running the gauntlet from gated distortion through ring modulator and beyond, the GUITARDÄMMERUNG gives you... Continue Reading →

113 – Velcro Treasure Chest

This episode was sponsored by Electro-Faustus, maker of the Guitardammerung as well as many other wild guitar effects and small box noise makers. If noise is your game, Electro-Faustus is the cheat code to first place. In Episode 113, Ryan... Continue Reading →

Installing Loknobs Loknob was very kind to give us two of their knobs for demo and review. I somehow managed to really mangle it up though by trying to install the wrong size knob on the DOD 250. Eventually I realized... Continue Reading →

Animating the Julia Intro – Ryan’s production notes To pull back the curtain on the demo industry a bit I'm going to say that I put way more work into this demo than I charged for. Demo people charge based on their audience size and frankly, our... Continue Reading →

Mini 16 – Demoing New Stuff w/ Salvage Custom

Here's another shred sesh with Daniel Tyack of Salvage Custom Shop. Ryan and Daniel sit down and talk about the EHX Cockfight, Walrus Audio Julia and TOMKAT Day Dreamer.


Check out Episode 112 to learn about our new contest. Everyone wins...well...everyone gets a prize at least  

Tyack’s Little Baby Board

Sit down with Ryan and Daniel Tyack of Salvage Custom and listen to a quick run through of the JHS Kilt, Styrmon Flint and Earthquaker Devices Afterneath

Sticking Your Neck Out

It's funny what people will tolerate seeing on the internet. After a recent recording session, Ryan and I got to talking about a classic photo released by Fender in the 1950s. The story has always gone that the all-maple Fender... Continue Reading →

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