113 – Velcro Treasure Chest

This episode was sponsored by Electro-Faustus, maker of the Guitardammerung as well as many other wild guitar effects and small box noise makers. If noise is your game, Electro-Faustus is the cheat code to first place. In Episode 113, Ryan and Steve unveil the WHEEL OF PEDALS! It's out latest contest. Everyone who enters wins.... Continue Reading →

Sticking Your Neck Out

It's funny what people will tolerate seeing on the internet. After a recent recording session, Ryan and I got to talking about a classic photo released by Fender in the 1950s. The story has always gone that the all-maple Fender neck was strong and stable and didn't require a truss rod. Of course, (per Wikipedia)... Continue Reading →

111 – BASSically

This episode was sponsored by Alexander Pedals: Great Tone Doing Good. Be on the lookout for the Super Radical Delay and Oblivion Vintage Delay coming soon, and go to their website to check out the rest of their awesome lineup. Episode 111 of 60 Cycle Hum ... Source: 111 - BASSically

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