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April 2016

117 – Bird on my Boner!

This episode was sponsored by Killer Otter Electric, maker of the Aerostat, a truly original overdrive design, and the Party Animal, a fuzz that reminds you that, yes, we do have bear. Ryan and Steve sit down at the Salvage... Continue Reading →

Prince: 1958-2016

By Ariel Levine I would like to tell you about the greatest two minutes of live music I've ever witnessed in my life. June 16th, 2010.  B.B. King's Blues Club, New York City. At the time, I was working as... Continue Reading →

116 – Building Your Pedalboard from Scratch

    In Episode 116 Ryan talks about his newest instrument, a Stradella accordion handed down from his wife's uncle. Ryan then attempts to play the accordion. HUGE MISTAKE. Here are the ads for this week Jackson Telecaster Double Neck... Continue Reading →

Fuzzrocious FEED ME

Mmm...Delicious FEED ME! Learn more at Fuzzrocious

115 – What is “Modern Rock” Anyway?

  We don't know the answer. Do you? Let us know in the comments. This episode was sponsored by Barefoot Buttons and features guest host Donny from Emoji Pedal Reviews

The Pelitaur Watch in wonder, as we reveal the majesty of the Pelitaur.

Throw your fancy pedalboard in the garbage

Stop what you are doing and go throw your fancy pants pedalboard in the garbage. THATS RIGHT! The garbage... Is it in there? On top of all the kitchen trash and lawn clippings? GOOD. Now take a step back and... Continue Reading →

114 – Steve’s busted mic cable

This episode is a feat of audio engineering. We had an intermittent mic cable that was popping and crackling all over the place. Ryan went through and editing them all out. You can tell there are edits, but it sounds... Continue Reading →

5 Reasons we don’t need electric bass in church.

The electric bass has become an unquestioned staple of modern Praise and Worship music, but maybe it's time for us to take a hard look at its place in the worship environment. #1. No one can hear even hear it.... Continue Reading →

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