The electric bass has become an unquestioned staple of modern Praise and Worship music, but maybe it’s time for us to take a hard look at its place in the worship environment.

#1. No one can hear even hear it.

Can you describe what a bass guitar sounds like? Can you tell if the ‘bassist’ starts or stops playing? No, because the Bass lives in a frequency range that for the most part is not detectable to the human ear. So why even use it? Why does every church band have a guy who just stands there for no reason other than to fill the stage?

‘Is he even playing anything?’

#2. The Piano has it covered.

The piano has all the bass notes you could ever need. Why do we need an extra person on stage when the piano has all the notes we can even hear?

Whatever notes you need, the piano has you covered.

#3. The bassist is probably living in sin.

What kind of person plays an instrument that no one can hear? A liar, thats who. Do we really want liars leading us in worship? Also many of the world’s most sinful secular bands feature bass guitarists.

Popular secular bassist, Jean Simms.Would you let someone like this lead you into worship?

#4. It’s too LOUD!

The bass notes you CAN hear are always way too loud. I’m surprised the church is still standing with all that racket, and some of us have pacemakers which I’m sure cant handle that kind of abuse. Have you seen how large the bass speakers are? There is no way thats not the loud thing that is bothering all of us.

Why does and instrument we can’t hear need so many speakers? why don’t they plug it straight into the PA, we spent a lot of money on that PA.

#5. Bass and the Bible?

Ok, bass isn’t in the New Testament or Old Testament, but in the recently discovered Gnostic Gospel of ‘Entwistle’ the author reveals the possibility that Judas Iscariot planned to use his 30 pieces of silver to buy a 15″ speaker cab.

Who wrote the Gnostic Gospel of ‘Entwistle’? we may never know.