pedal garbage.png

Stop what you are doing and go throw your fancy pants pedalboard in the garbage. THATS RIGHT! The garbage… Is it in there? On top of all the kitchen trash and lawn clippings? GOOD.
Now take a step back and look at what you have done. You worked really hard putting that pedalboard together. You studied each pedal for hours, you watched¬†every demo video available and asked for opinions on multiple online groups and forums. Perhaps You even bought pedals and then sold them at a loss when they didn’t work out. Then you spent a pretty good amount of money on all the bells and whistles; isolated power, fancy patch cables that are the exact length that you need, even the velcro was researched and scrutinized to a level usually reserved for health insurance, bank loans and arranged marriages. You might have a home made board, an aluminum pipe board or a fancy pants tone wood board made with unicorn glue but you still put in a lot of personal time and resources to get it where it is.

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This slice of life brought to you by Salvage Custom.

Now ask yourself, why did I throw my pedalboard in the garbage? Just because some dingus on a blog told me too? Maybe you thought there was going to be a deeper reason for the command, a call to return to simpler ways perhaps. NOPE! I just wanted you to take a moment to appreciate and miss all your hard work, to give you a new perspective on your considerable investment. NOW HURRRY UP AND GET IT OUT OF THE GARBAGE BEFORE CHICKEN JUICE GETS ALL OVER VOLUME PEDAL!!!!! *whew* that was close. The chicken juice was like right there, being held back by surface tension alone. Maybe next time someone tells you that your pedal board belongs in the garbage you will remember this moment and think twice.