This episode was sponsored by Barefoot Buttons, maker of the Barefoot Button. This pedal gadget makes the classic stomp switches so much easier to stomp. Trust us. You want to check this out.

In episode 118 Ryan and Steve gush about the sweet hookup they got with Eastwood guitars. Steve got a great short scale bass and Ryan got an Airline electric guitar. These guitars are a ton of fun. Next we talk about a really crappy guitar. This was followed by a pair of Melody Makers. The first was not so great, but the second one was beautiful. Last we throw out a little PSA from Pittsburgh.

Recently someone asked us what we thought was the best was to get started with playing shows. We’ve had some experience with this so we share some stories and do our best to answer the question.

This week’s song was sent in my Aaron Abubo and is called “Daybreak”.