119 – Macaroni Ducks



This episode was brought to you by Sinasoid, a Pro Audio Couture providing high end, custom cables for the discerning musician.

In Episode 119 of 60 Cycle Hum we get right to work with an ode to The Offspring, or so we think. Next we talk about a guitar that we probably should hate, but we don’t. We found Music Man’s inspiration for the St. Vincent signature model before looking at a Harmony with a slight body warp.

This week we take potshots at our listeners. Why? Because we’re consumers who can’t ever be satisfied, lest the market collapse. Seriously, why aren’t we ever satisfied? Why are we dissatisfied with products that don’t do the things we want even though they aren’t designed to do that to begin with? Come on guys…

This week’s song is “If I Knew a Thing” by Hume, sent in by Michael Lodge.

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