Episode 120- Pizza Trade


Welcome to Episode 120. If you’ve been watching our Instagram account, you already know that we got a Chase Bliss Tonal Recall. If you don’t…well now you know. We talk about it for a bit. Ryan’s been messing around with it a bunch, but I haven’t. I will though…oh yes, I will.

You ever think about making a crazy trade on Craigslist. Would you ever order a pizza just to make a trade happen? This guy hopes you will. Maybe you want to stand up and rock out on your lap steel…this thing is for you. Lastly…ever feel like your kid gets ripped off at Chuck E. Cheese? Just imagine how this dude feels.

This week we talk about the importance, or unimportance of public persona and image for gear companies. This topic was suggested to us by Ryan at Fuzzrocious pedals.

This week’s song was submitted by Paul Pennington for the band The People They Kill Get Up and Kill. This song is called “The Best Thing About NASCAR are the Crashes”.

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