121 – 50% Slower


This episode is brought to you buy Sinasoid, bringing you top of the line guitar cables with a 100 year warranty.

Ryan and Steve had some drinks that were stronger than usual and end up with a recording that is slower than usual. Steve finally gets a chance to talk about the Friday Club ED-450b and El Cardinale overdrive. They’re great. That’s all you need to really know. We get to ads like this one, suppose you want a DiMarzio pick up and you have a mountain bike layout around. Well, let this guy know, okay? What’s that? You want a pink Duo Sonic…yeah, that’s a thing. Also, someone things adding metal dots to a $500 Gretsch makes it worth $1500. Spoiler: We disagree.

This week we talk about NoiseKICK FX, and that gray area where personal beliefs and paying customers collide.

This week’s ending song is from Michael’s Wiegand’s project, A Greyscale, and is called “Resolution”

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