122 -What’s Your Wondering

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This episode was sponsored by Greer Amps, who will be releasing their 18th Anniversary Black Fuzz on 5/30/16. This episode was also sponsored by Ian Anderson Guitars. Ian A Guitars builds high quality, vintage styled guitars that are mind-blowingly beautiful.

Let’s see. I helped Ryan work on his deck today. Now I’m drinking a beer. I’m tired…here’s your show notes.

This week Ryan talks about his new Subdecay Spring Theory reverb pedal. It’s cool I guess. Then we go through some ads. The first one is full on #20sixdean. The second is Godin’s take on a classic surf guitar look. Lastly we talk about the Beat Farmers and Country Dick Montana. This week’s topic involves Ryan telling Steve that he used to be better at guitar. Well, it’s possibly true. Really what we talk about what our early guitarist selves would think about what our older guitarist selves have done with music.

This week’s music is a selection Ryan made from the Beat Farmers’ music collection.

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