126 – Fender Mod Shop

This episode was sponsored by Sinasoid. They just hit 10k followers on Instagram and are promoting their new Sliver Series plugs with a giveaway.Go here to learn more! In this episode Ryan and Steve tell you how they'd like you to tell your favorite manufacturers about them. I mean, it couldn't hurt right? We get... Continue Reading →

125 – Tone Is Not in the Fingers

  This episode was sponsored by Eastwood Guitars, a retro-reissue specialist. This episode was also sponsored by Wrought Iron Effects, who combine art and design to build incredible looking and sounding effects. In Episode 125 Ryan and Steve give a little recap of Kauerfest before doing a little housekeeping and moving onto our weekly ads.... Continue Reading →

Ad Venture Time #6

  Ryan and Steve examine an old Crate amp on the edge of becoming kind of cool in its own way. If you've got an ad you'd like to see discussed on the show, send us the screen grabs at 60cyclehumcast@gmail.com

123 – Ryan and Steve are Gushing

This week's episode was sponsored by Barefoot Buttons. They make smashing on your stompboxes easier than every before! Welcome to episode 123. We get straight into the thick of it with a fuzz built into a human skull. Next, we talk about KISS and how...something...they were. I mean, KISS, right? They were a thing for... Continue Reading →

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