125 – Tone Is Not in the Fingers


This episode was sponsored by Eastwood Guitars, a retro-reissue specialist. This episode was also sponsored by Wrought Iron Effects, who combine art and design to build incredible looking and sounding effects.

In Episode 125 Ryan and Steve give a little recap of Kauerfest before doing a little housekeeping and moving onto our weekly ads. If you’ve ever been worried that your Strat or Tele isn’t perfectly intonated at every fret position, these tempered frets might be your solution. Ever want to get the perfect glamour photos for your capo? Maybe you should try some shots out by the pool. Oh yeah…Andres Segovia’s student chose this guitar. That guarantees quality…right?

This week we tackle the statement “Tone is in your fingers” and look at what people mean by it and why we we’re tired of hearing about it.

This week’s music was sent in by Sean Pierce Johnson from the band Cockeye Optimist. The track is called “Fine Line”

One thought on “125 – Tone Is Not in the Fingers

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  1. First time listener – thanks for address the obnoxious “tone is in the fingers” idea. I agree 100% that it’s talent + vision + experience + gear. Pros often have great tone because they do it ALL THE TIME and know how to twiddle the knobs on amps and guitars to get the best possible sound. Being a great player, with the ability to control dynamics and attack and all that, certainly will help in getting optimal sound out of a sub-optimal guitar and signal chain, to some extent… but not that much. If that was true, then great players could save a bunch of money and use cheap simple rigs. Knowing HOW to get the sound in your head is hard for most people and takes trial and error. Pros have techs and producers that play a huge role in their sound as well.

    All that to say, thanks for taking a stand against the small-minded jerks out there.


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