130 – Pat Quilter of Quilter Amps

This episode was sponsored by Wrought Iron Effects, who builds some beautiful looking and sounding pedals.They are currently running a Kickstarter campaign that you can support here. Ryan and Spent all day at the Quilter Amps block party in Costa Mesa, California. We start this up as a standard episode by hitting up a sparkly... Continue Reading →

129 – Terrible Ass Guitar

This episode was sponsored by Sinasoid. They have an article on their website where they justify their costs. Who else is going to bring you this kind of transparency? Go read the piece. It's worth it. This is why we're glad to contine working with Sinasoid. Welcome to episode 129. If you're in the Orange... Continue Reading →

128 – Ride the Snake

This week's episode was sponsored by Sinasoid Pro Audio Couture. Go to their site and see their latest offerings, then read about the 100 year warranty! Open your mouth and close your eyes. it's time to ride the snake. First up, we now have an officially unofficial fan podcast, 60 Cycle Slum. If you want... Continue Reading →

Sponsorships and how to (not) get them

Listen to the podcast version of this article by clicking the play button. For many of usĀ getting to the place as a musician that gear companies start throwing free gear at you is an elaborate fantasy. We day dream about what our signature guitars would look like and all the pretty little lights flashing on... Continue Reading →

127 – No New Effects

his episode was sponsored by Sinasoid Pro Audio Couture. They just hit 10,000 followers on Instagram and are running a contest through July 5th to celebrate. Enter here! This episode was also sponsored by Barefoot Buttons. Make stomping on cramped effects easier. Get a Barefoot Button! This week we launch straight into real life and... Continue Reading →

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