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August 2016

What looks better on Instagram?

135 – Pedal Soup

We get into the swing of things fast in this one. The MojoHand Sacred Cow is back from repairs, and it sounds just as good as it should. We take care of some business then go straight into the ads... Continue Reading →

Can you get that down for me?

134 – Things That Go BOOM!

This episode is brought to you by Barefoot Buttons. They just unveiled the Tallboy, the perfect addition to a tucked away pedal. Additional sponsorship was provided by Matthews Effects. They recently rolled out the Astronomer/Cosmonaut Dual Reverb with four total... Continue Reading →

133 – the Pedal CHOO CHOO vs. the Boutique Builders

This episode is sponsored by Barefoot Buttons. They just launched a new product called the Tall Boy, for those pedals that rest in hard to access spots. Learn more about the Tall Boy today! In this episode, Steve wraps up... Continue Reading →

New 60 Cycle hum Toon!

I have imagined this happening to me every single time i have changed strings ever since i first read about it being someone else's fear on the old harmony central forums.

132 – Steve tells Ryan the truth

This episode was sponsored by ConsoliDATE. Tired of logging in and out of Tinder, Grindr, JDate, Farmer's Only and more? Let ConsoliDATE do the heavy lifting. Here's Episode 132. Here are the things you will hear about in this episode... Continue Reading →

60 Cycle Hum Toons?

Ryan is going to start making some guitar gear/ culture oriented comic strips from time to time. Here is the First! print it out and thumbtack it to your cubicle wall and enjoy the soft comforting chuckles of your visiting... Continue Reading →

Interview with Will Cobb, Music Therapist

Ryan gets listener of the show and Inner Circle Member Will Cobb on the phone to talk about his career as a music therapist.

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