This episode is brought to you by Barefoot Buttons. They just unveiled the Tallboy, the perfect addition to a tucked away pedal. Additional sponsorship was provided by Matthews Effects. They recently rolled out the Astronomer/Cosmonaut Dual Reverb with four total channels (two presets on each effect) for wild reverb goodness.

In this episode of 60 Cycle Hum, Ryan and Steve give an update to their use of the Ultimate Ears UE7 earpieces. They’ve both spent some time using them live and in the recording studio and have some more feedback.

This week’s ads include
Van Halen?
Lefty Accessories
Krylon is for lovers.

If you’re in the Mid-Atlantic/New England area, some of our fans are doing a NorthEast meetup on September 3rd

This week’s topic is the new flip feature.

This is the song at the end, Singh and Friends.