138 – We are “On Air Personalities”

This episode was sponsored by Barefoot Buttons. They just received a restock of the Tallboy extra-tall button for those extra cramped pedals. Get yours before they run out again.
This episode was also sponsored by Stringjoy. Stringjoy’s strings are 100% handmade at their own facility in the good ol’ USA. They build sets tailored to your individual needs so check them out today!

Here’s what you need to know about episode 138. Ryan is selling is Hamer. Steve is playing fantasy football. Here are the ads
Acoustic BC Rich Warlock and Mockingbird
Brownsville Choirboy
Pedal Locamotive…Junior

Then, Ryan and Steve discuss what they think are good things to know about being part of a jam session and being in good band mate.

This week’s song was sent in by Evan Pack for his band Indigo Plateau. The song is called “History Cutlass”

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