140 – 200% Slower

This episode is brought to you by the fine folks over at Stringjoy. Located in Nashville, TN, Stringjoy is committed to bringing you a high quality string with a custom, handmade experience.

Clocking in at almost 2 hours long, episode 140 is pretty much our longest (and possibly most intoxicated) episode ever. Please don’t judge us for drinking on a Friday night, it had been a long week and we earned it, gosh darn it!!!

Oh right. Here’s the episode run down
Ryan got his new Fender ’63 RI Reverb
We talked about a guy that pulled a knife on our friend
We talked about the Wizard of Oz
We talked about a local music store

Then we did a grab bag of topics for everyone to enjoy that were taken from the Facebook group.

This week’s song is from Grant Andrews and the band The Red Factor. The song is called “Cyanide and Bubblegum”.

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