141- Audio Envy Cables

This episode is brought to you by the fine folks over at Stringjoy. Located in Nashville, TN, Stringjoy is committed to bringing you a high quality string with a custom, handmade experience.

Ryan and Steve sit down with the Audio Envy NV-10 cable. We take it through a few different pieces of equipment to see how this cable performs under different conditions. The instruments and amps used were a Titan by Kauer into a Fender Princeton Reverb RI, a Mitchell MD-100 with a GFS pre-amp system into a Polytone 101, and an Eastwood Classic IV Bass into the same Polytone 101.

The cables used for comparison in this episode are the Sinasoid Slate and the Planet Waves Classic.
This week’s song was sent by Neil Nation and was called “Tasty Licks”.

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  1. Enjoyed the podcast.

    Totally disagree with Audio Envy’s response at the end. It reeked of under these very specific circumstances you can hear the difference. Essentially 60 cycle’s test was not valid due to the equipment used. Well that’s what 90% of the playing population has. We need things that work in the real world, not in a lab. Did I really hear him right when he said you can’t use a cab because of a 5% roll off nor a humbucker because it doesn’t have the highs a single coil does? Really??

    I would like to have heard if there was a difference when used as a really long cable. Say 50′. In theory the lower capacitance would have less impact on the filtering of the highs.

    I should Audio Envy makes a high quality cable. Nothing I heard makes me want to jump up and buy it.

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  2. I own the Audio Envy cables! They are fantastic for several reasons. It was not difficult for me to hear a sound improvement in my “workingman systems.” I do find the review performed by 60 cycle to be very suspicious. They reviewed Audio envy against a cable that continuously pays to sponsor 60 cycle! Ryan doesn’t appear to hear or know the difference between midrange and high frequency information. The episode was awkward because they contradicted themselves several times on technical aspects and what was actually happening in sound clips. They played an acoustic guitar through a bass guitar amp! Do I need to say more?


    1. Thanks for the feedback! No doubt AE probably has lots of satisfied customers. Overall we have recommended AE product to everyone that has asked about them and wish the brand the best for 2017!


  3. I agree with Greyson

    My experience with Audio Evny cables has been staggering in a world of gimmicks. I went to their factory and did side by side comparisons with their products and their competitors and the differences was undeniable. The Audio Evny cables produced a sound that I would describe as “full, clean, thick, and true”. I’m not an audiophile and really don’t have an ear for slight nuance and delicate changes in quality but for me to be blown away with the distinct improvement is really saying something.


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