2016 Guitarist gift guide for shoppers who have no clue what to give a guitarist

Shopping for the guitarist in your life is hard, and even harder if you’re not a guitarist yourself. This is a list of products we think make great gifts for the vast majority of guitarists of any age or skill level.

What to buy:

1. Gear Supply Strings Subscription

Gear supply offers a monthly string delivery service that your gift receiver can tailor to their personal needs. They also offer a variety of other guitar accessories that all guitarists can appreciate. We use these strings think they are great!


2. Straps

Every guitarist needs more straps, and there are a wide variety of strap companies out there that make fashionable and/or outlandish strap designs. Guitar straps are a great way to get a guitarist something practical or with lots of personality without breaking the bank. Check out Couch Guitar Straps, Souldier guitar Straps, Levy’s or any other guitar retailer. You can also find all kinds of straps on Amazon, Etsy, Reverb.com or any other online retailer.


3. Barefoot Buttons

Does the guitarist in your life use effect pedals? Barefoot buttons are an excellent and affordable accessory that makes playing with pedals barefoot or on tightly packed pedalboards much easier. If you don’t know what color your gift receiver would prefer, black and silver always look good.


4. Cables

They might not seem like an exciting gift, but literally every electric guitarist needs them. Heck, even if they have 100 they need one more. Check out Sinasoid Cables for custom ordering options or very nice pre-made cables. A commonly used length for most guitarists is 15-20 feet.


5. Ditto Looper

Looper pedals allow guitarists to quickly record backing tracks so that they can play lead parts over them. They are very useful and every guitarist should have one lying around. You might want to check to make sure your gift receiver doesn’t already have one or just keep the receipt.  You can typically buy them on Amazon or retailers for under $100.


6. Random Used Pedals

This is a brave one, but chances are the guitarist in your life will get a kick out of it. Walk into a guitar retailer like Guitar Center, Sam Ash or even a random pawn shop and buy a used pedal in your budget with the art you like best. Electric guitarists are always experimenting with random pedals and typically have no issue with them being used. This is the kind of gift a cool aunt, uncle, friend, or sibling would give.


7. Gig Bags

Any guitarist that leaves their home with their instrument needs a case. Gig bags are versatile, affordable gifts that will get used for a very long time, even if it’s just for safe storage at home. There are a variety of style and quality options available so shop with your price point in mind. Mono Cases are a popular high-end option, but there are also many affordable bags on Amazon. Make sure you know if your gift receiver plays electric or acoustic guitar because the bags will be specific to those styles of instruments.


8. Pedal Kits

For the more adventurous musician, an effects pedal kit can be a great gift. Sites like Build Your Own Clone and General Guitar Gadgets (to name a couple) sell kits that are ready to build. Your DIYer only needs some basic soldering equipment to put it all together. With a range of kit complexity on the market, the perfect kit is available whether your recipient is a novice builder or an experienced hobbyist.




What NOT to buy:

1. Novelty Shirts

These are advertised all over social media these days. A gracious gift receiver will smile and thank you for the gift, but there is a good chance they won’t like it.


2. Any Guitar/Amp the clerk at the guitar store recommends.

Guitars and amps are highly personal. Your gift receiver knows exactly what they like, but the clerk at the guitar shop is often just trying to move product. If you feel the need to go this route keep your receipt.


3. Novelty guitar gifts.

Guitar shaped lamps, coat hooks, floor mats, etc. Guitarists don’t need to be reminded that they play guitar. Their actual guitars already do that. Anything that is furniture or home decor is a super bad idea unless you already know for sure that they collect this sort of stuff.


4. Guitar shop gift cards

Many if not most guitarists shop online these days from a wide variety of retailers. Shops like Reverb.com, Sweetwater and the old standby Ebay give guitarists access to an unlimited variety of equipment that a brick and mortar store just can’t compete with. Try a preloaded visa card or straight cash.


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