151 – The Year in Review

This episode was sponsored by Sinasoid, where you can have cables built to your personal specs on their Build a Cable site. Lots of big stuff happened this year. Ryan and Steve cozy up by the fireplace with some strong drinks to reminisce. Actually we are in a cold dirty garage drinking coors, but whatever.... Continue Reading →

149 – Magic guitar peddles bag

This episode was sponsored by Spruce Effects, makers of the Rainier Fuzz and other effects boxes. This episode is also sponsored by Coast Sonic. When you're looking for boutique effects, Coast Sonic is the first store you should check out. This week Ryan updates you on his ongoing Flying V project, and Steve talks about... Continue Reading →

148 – Double Stuffed

This week is brought to you by Spruce Effects, home of a Rainier Fuzz as well as other great guitar effects. This episode was also sponsored by Barefoot Buttons. They build great little caps that make your stompbox switches easier to stomp on. This week we change the format up a little. Let us know... Continue Reading →

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