153 – Steve hits Ryan. Twice

This episode was sponsored by Fuzzrocious. If you’re looking for something you’ve never quite heard before, go check out the Anomalies and the M.O.T.H. from Fuzzrocious. This episode was also sponsored by the fine folks at Sinasoid. If you’re looking for a cable that’s built to keep sounding great for years, go check out Sinasoid.

In this episode, Ryan and Steve continue their chat with Kevin Equitz of Equitz Guitars and Coe Schneider of Coesch. Steve talks about buying the Tachyon Delay from Chuck Pedals

Gross Offset (booboo RIP)

Grill Board

We talk Equitz Guitars for awhile. Kevin brought three examples of his product line (Ashford, Daverra and Rayburn) and they were a lot of fun to feel around on and talk about for the rest of the show.

This week’s song was sent by John Maddox for his band Rewind, Retry. The song is called “Decompose”.

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