160 – The Rules of Acquisition

This episode is sponsored by Barefoot Buttons. Whether you’re looking to boost the height of a low-lying pedal or just give yourself a bigger target, Barefoot Buttons is the switch topper for you. This episode is also sponsored by Sinasoid. When you’re in need of a custom cable or just want something guaranteed robust off the shelf, check out Sinasoid.

Ryan talks about his amp journey.

How to chorus

Guitar setup for dummies

String Butler

Ryan and Steve read all 285 Ferengi Rules of Acquisition including the 47 comentaries, 900 major and minor judgements  and all 10,000 considered opinions. Then they discuss how they apply to Craigslisting and flipping guitars.

Massive Strat route

This week’s song was sent by Josh Marmon of Jake and Josh. The song is called “Song for Hurricane Irene”

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