164 – Steve tells Ryan to SHUT UP!

This episode is brought to you by Mr Black Pedals, builder of the JDS-50 Overdrive and a slew of modulation and time effects. This week’s episode was also brought to you by Barefoot Buttons. There’s no better way to make reaching a small pedal tucked away on your pedal board than using a Barefoot Button. Get one today!¬†Finally this episode was sponsored by Sinasoid. The Sliver series patch cable is back. Get it while you can!

There wasn’t much to update this week so we got right into it:

Badge Plate

All genres, except country and rap


Guitar Triller

Wet Pedals

This week’s music was sent by Evan Walker. The songs are called “Have a Weird Time” and “Pancake Cords vs. Waffle Cords”

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