167 – Half Horsin’ Around!

This episode was brought to you by Mammoth Electronics. They just rolled out a bunch of classic Keeley Mods for your listening pleasure. This episode was also sponsored by Sinasoid. The Sliver series patch cable is back. Get it while you can!

Ryan is finally almost over his poison oak. It’s really gross looking. Like…Tom Hanks in “Castaway” levels of skin cracking. Oh yeah…we also introduce the Pelican Noiseworks Half Horse. Ryan made a sweet demo for everyone to check out. Go here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6vwtm3Qcoe0 oh yeah. You can win it. Listen to this episode for details, then check out the Gear Slum and the Flippin’ Flippers so you can get all the info you need to email halfhorsecontest@gmail.com when you’re ready to submit your answer.

Here’s a list of what we do for the rest of the episode

Bodies for Sale

Ryan and Steve talk about their flip regrets

Fender Cyclone II

Ryan and Steve discuss things to make pedalboard troubleshooting go easier

Fender Corncaster

Symbiotic Drums

This week’s song was sent in by Brian Gower of the band Plane Without a Pilot. The song is called “Falling For You”

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