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June 2017

176 – Guitar’s Not Dead

This episode is sponsored by Walrus Audio. Check out their revisions for the Iron Horse v2. The updated features really maximize the flexibility of the pedal. This episode was also sponsored by Keeley Electronics. They're about to release the Compressor... Continue Reading →

Kauerfest #1 Feat: Doug, Phil, Clifton & Ryan

Ryan, Phil and Clifton get Doug Kauer on the mic to talk about Kauerfest, and then rabbit trail into random nonsense. Featuring Phil Eisenhower (The Gear Slum podcast) Clifton Worley (The Clifton Worley Show) Doug Kauer (Kauer Guitars)

175 – Ryan & Steve build each others rigs

This episode is presented by Sinasoid Pro Audio Couture. Sinasoid is your one-stop shop for all things instrument and speaker cable. If you're confused about anything they offer, they have a top-notch customer service team ready to help you out.... Continue Reading →


This week's episode is brought to you by the fine folks over at Sinasoid Cables. Steve wants you to know that they make great, high-quality cables. Ryan wants you to know that they make smiles. This week Steve gives you... Continue Reading →

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