177 – Why do brands fail?

This episode is sponsored by Walrus Audio. Check out their revisions for the Iron Horse v2. The updated features really maximize the flexibility of the pedal. This episode was also sponsored by Keeley Electronics. They’re about to release the Compressor Plus. Keeley was already one of the top names in pedal compression, and they just went PLUS. That’s awesome. Lastly (but not leastly), this episode was sponsored by Sinasoid. If you’re looking for a custom cable, look no further than Sinasoid.

This week Ryan and Steve start off talking about two new releases from TC Electronic, the Hall of Fame 2 and the Pipeline. Hopefully by now you’ve seen the videos on our YouTube Channel. Here’s the rest of the information for this episode.

1. Someone is selling an Ibanez OD-9 for a lot of money. Apparently it’s rare.

2. Mission Engineering previewed the 529 Power Supply 

3. Robin Ranger Guitars

4. Some brands are popular for a hot minute, then fade away. What kills brands?

5. Fender Solid State Vibrolux

This week’s song is “Stranger” by Vitamin K, sent by Morgan Vander Hart

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