This episode is sponsored by Sinasoid. Sinasoid is your one-stop shop for all your instrument cable needs. Go check them out! This episode is also sponsored by Walrus Audio. They’re about the drop the new ARP-87 delay. You should check it out. We will have a demo on our YouTube channel on July 11th.

This week Ryan and Steve talk about the newest update to the Wheel of Pedals. Check out the new rule changes on the Wheel of Pedals FB group. Here’s the rest of the episode:

1. Someone made an acoustic/bass hybrid guitar from a red BC Rich acoustic

2. Apparently Google listens to you listening to 60 Cycle Hum

3. Lamp guitar and table guitar

4. Would you buy a signature instrument from a YouTuber?

5. This guitar is Made in Japan

This week’s music was sent by the Shy Boyz. These songs are “Why do I always Bleed?” and “2 Horses (and 2 Naked Boys)”