This episode is sponsored by Sinasoid. Sinasoid is your one-stop shop for all your instrument cable needs. Go check them out! This episode is also sponsored by Walrus Audio. They’re just released the ARP-87 delay. You should check it out. We have a demo on our YouTube channel.

This week Ryan and Steve talk about the soon to be released collaboration with Pelican NoiseWorks on the 50/50 Overdrive. We also celebrate hitting the 1,000,000 view mark on YouTube. Here’s the rest of the episode

1. The Middle Finger, The Gibson LP and the Stickers

2. We discuss the Walrus Audio ARP-87

3. Don’t put your driver’s license on the internet

4. Are the classic big brands losing relevancy in today’s market?

5. Stupid Black Guitar

This week’s song was sent by Joey Chamblee from Moses and Carl. This song is called “Wichita”