187 – My Wife

This week’s episode is sponsored by Sinasoid. They are currently supporting Samaritan’s Purse’s relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. Go check out their selection of wonderful cables!

Ryan’s wife joins us and tells us about her first experience buying a guitar.

Here’s all the images from this episode.

1. Barton’s Guitar “Draw”

2. Lauren tells her guitar buying story

3. Epiphone G400 and a bag of nickels

4. Is jamming to a looper or learning whole songs a better way to improve?

5. The Fusion Guitar

This week’s song was sent by Ben McCurry of the band Rhythm and the Roosevelts. This song is called “Dance (I Wanna)”

One thought on “187 – My Wife

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  1. Hi. Having the wife on opened up a whole new dimention to your show. Yes we know she’s not knowledgeable about guitars-neither is my wife. But she has common sense and it added another facet to the podcast. I liked it. I think you should do it more often. Love the show guys.


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