191 – Pineapple and Pretzels

I have a pen…I have an apple…

This week’s episode was sponsored by Sinasoid Pro Audio Couture. The Sinasoid #FORHOUSTON cable is still for sale. Get one and support a great cause today!

This week Ryan and Steve open up the show by talking about the Chase Bliss RKM Tonal Recall. Steve gives big props to Matthews Effects, who is sponsoring this year’s 60 Cycle Hum fantasy football league. 

There’s no pictures this week as Steve and Ryan tackle a bunch of questions submitted to the Facebook group

1. Pineapples…who, what, where…?

2. Does it matter where a guitar is made any more?

3. Pretzels…cheese or mustard sauce?

4. What do you do when you don’t have GAS?

5. Quality vs. Mojo. Would you rather have a guitar that is technically great or one that inspires something deeper?

This week’s song was sent by Gino Ames and is called “Runnin Away”

One thought on “191 – Pineapple and Pretzels

Add yours

  1. I have to know, what makes the DOD 250 so special to you. I’m late to the party so I didn’t get to hear why you like it. I know you commissioned a dual 250 pedal, but I can’t find in your backlog why that’s the thing to have.

    I’m a novice player at best, but enjoy playing surf, and that’s what allured me to your channel in the first place, And I now goose my Polara with a bad horse after hearing you like to run an OD into a “tank” pedal to exacerbate the splish, and drip. Anyway, enough buttering, I want to know why the 250 is the bees knees, in your gushing opinion.


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