198 – Blackish Friday


This episode was brought to you by Sinasoid. We can’t get enough Sinasoid in our lives. You should check them out if you’re looking for an instrument cable. Seriously…what are you waiting for? This episode was also sponsored by Matthews Effects. They’ve got a Cyber Monday sale (20% off) plus a sweet combo deal going with Sinasoid and ESO Straps. Last, but not least, this episode was sponsored by Moniker Guitars. We just got our hands on one of their Rival Series guitars. Check out our Youtube channel to see our demos!

In this episode Ryan talks about his latest demo projects from JHS Pedals.

Here’s the other stuff and the pictures

1. Strange Guitarworks

2. Steve and Ryan talk about Black Friday deals and what they bought.

3. Tele Style

4. Delay: Analog, digital, tape, etc. We talk about them all!

5. Homemade guitar

This week’s song was sent by Michael Rigby from his old band, Dysphonia. They’re reformed as a band called The Awkwards.


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