209 – Professional VS. Amateur Pedals


This episode was sponsored by Sinasoid. Right now Sinasoid has the Sliver cable back in stock. The Sliver has the smallest jack size for any patch canle that we’ve ever seen. Go check it out right now! This episode was also sponsored by Nanolog Audio. Nanolog is putting carbon nanotransistors into their pedals to create unique sounds, and, as they put it, let “the tone in your head by heard.”

This week on the show Ryan and Steve…oh wait…they get right into the good stuff. Really? Well, that’s what my notes say anyway. I can barely believe it, but I mean, it’s what my notes say.

Here’s some pictures

1. Modified El Degas

2. Ryan and Steve discuss Amateur vs. Professional guitar pedals

3. A beautiful Rhoney Oceana

4. What’s the deal with having $2000 in pedals and a $500 guitar?


This week’s song was sent by Bruce Kumkwat for the band Ourselves Alone. The song is called “Stiff Jazz”.

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