215 – Purpleheart


This episode was sponsored by Sinasoid. We talk about Sinasoid a lot on this show, but maybe we haven’t talked about a cable option that you want to see. That’s where the Sinasoid Custom Shop comes in. Check out their Build-Your-Own Cable section or send them an email to see if they can build the cable of your dreams today!’

In this episode Steve and Ryan talk about some gear they bought, but have to wait awhile to get. Steve bought The Ch3mist from Matthews Effects and Ryan bought the Plasma from Gamechanger Audio

Pictures of things

1. Singing Bowls

2. Steve and Ryan compile a list of guitar gear that any public library should have.

3. The world’s first electric bass

4. Ryan and Steve answer a question about beer, then discuss if they hate each other

5. Purple heart guitar

This week’s song was sent in by Ben Walker of the Rejectioneers. The song is called “Way too Hard”.

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