221 – Bearded Moon


This week’s episode was sponsored by Sinasoid. We promote instrument and patch cables a ton, but did you know Sinasoid makes the Sasquatch series of super rugged speaker cables and power cables? Go see what they’ve got today! This episode was also sponsored by SolidGoldFX. SGFX has a whole range of high quality guitar effects. Ryan just put out a demo for the 76 Octave Fuzz. Lastly this episode is brought to you by Gunstreet Wiring Shop. Gunstreet is made of a small team of folks that focus on quality and community. Ryan got a wiring setup for his SG from them and it looks fantastic. Maybe someday he will install it.

This time around Ryan and Steve sit down with Coe Schneider from the Flippin’ Flippers Podcast and One Day Roadshow. They start off talking about the Matthews Effects Ch3mist and everything new in the world of Coe.

Pictures of stuff

1. Guitar Carving

2. The guys play with a whole bunch of pedals on air. 

3. Do we need a folding ukulele?

4. Are amps that are bad pedal platforms also bad amps?

5. 36 foot long guitar

This week’s song is called “Radio Flyer” by Kate Jacobs.

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