223 – Titles are Hard


This episode was brought to you by Gunstreet Wiring Shop. Go check out their off the shelf options for LP, V, SG, Strat or Telecaster or email their team to get some info on some custom options! This episode was also sponsored by Walrus Audio. Their new Parallel Boost, the Emissary, is a really cool take on a boost pedal. Go check it out on their website and check out Ryan’s demo on our YouTube channel. This episode was also sponsored by Sinasoid. If you can’t find options in Sinasoid Store or their Build-a-Cable section, trying sending an email to their Custom Shop to get some options that aren’t so off the shelf. 

Ryan is out of town for #TGU18, but the show must go on. Steve pulls a favor from The Tone Jerks to get a couple co-hosts and put out some sweet content. Brian and Kyle talk about their upcoming 80s tribute show. Steve talks about signing up for a half-marathon. But enough about that…

You like pictures?

1. James Tyler Variax Prototype

2. The guys talk about their favorite guitar and bass tones from whole albums

3. Wish bass

4. The guys talk about how to break out of a songwriting rut?

5. The one that Brian sent in

This week’s song is from Brian and Kyle’s band, Plane without a Pilot and is called “My Darling”


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