229 – Involuntary Jazz Leg


This week’s episode is sponsored by Gunstreet Wiring Shop. Whether you’re looking for something modern for your Strat or something classic for your Les Paul, Gunstreet has the team to provide you with expert advice on getting the right wiring kit for you. This week’s episode is also sponsored by Sinasoid. You like Techflex? You should, and since you should, you should also like Sinasoid. Lastly, this week’s episode was brought to you by SolidGoldFX. They just released the Counter Current Reverb, a lo-fi reverb that also features a feedback setting to really wash over your sound. 

In this episode Steve waxes poetic on the Quiet Theory Prelude. Ryan talks about his new PRS, and the guys get excited about their new Wrought Iron Effects Kaiburrs.

Pictures of things:

1. Epiphone Radio

2. Ryan and Steve discuss feelings that perhaps only other guitarists would understand

3. Star guitar

4. What Jazzmaster should you buy?

5. Line 6 interface

This week’s song was sent by Charles Gibson from his band, The Rivers, and is called “The song that your girlfriend would like”.

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