This week’s episode is brought to you by Gunstreet Wiring Shop. Gunstreet is made of a small team of folks that focus on quality and community. This episode was also sponsored by Sinasoid. If you’re looking for a solderless cable kit, Sinasoid has G&H kits in stock now! Lastly, this episode was sponsored by SolidGoldFX. Ryan just recorded a demo of their excellent Zeta DLX pre-amp/overdrive. Go check it out!

In this episode Ryan talks about the latest finish on his Squier Mustang. Steve talks about things he wants to buy and Ryan tries to talk him out of it.

Pictures of things

1. The best 3

2. Steve and Ryan talk about their worst and best live sound experiences.

3. Square guitar

4. What is a flip disaster? What’s the worst flip disaster we’ve had?

5. Driving while Craigslisting

This week’s song is from Matty Tyack for the artist David Burnett. The song is called “Vinegar”.