235 – Merit Based Corporate Structure


This episode was sponsored by Sinasoid. We promote instrument and patch cables a ton, but did you know Sinasoid makes the Sasquatch series of super rugged speaker cables and power cables? Go see what they’ve got today! This episode was also sponsored by Yellowcake Pedals. Ryan just demoed their Furry and Fried fuzz/overdrive dual pedal. Lastly this week’s episode is brought to you by Gunstreet Wiring Shop. Gunstreet is made of a small team of folks that focus on quality and community.

This week Ryan and Steve introduce the new, cool producer Gairy. Ryan updates everyone on his trashed kitchen and Steve discusses his progress in flipping a pedal board.

Pictures of things

1. Vintage 345

2. Ryan and Steve talk the feasibility of making a virtual band

3. Vintage tuner

4. Gibson is looking for a CEO. What do the guys think they should look for?

5. NCC-1701-A Epiphone

This week’s song was submitted by Chris Carter and is called “^0CH Mixdown”.

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