236 – Rock Blocker


This week’s episode is sponsored by SolidGoldFX. If you’re in the market for an envelope filter, the Funkzilla is the answer. We don’t have a demo on our channel at time of publishing, but there will be one soon. This episode was also sponsored by Yellowcake Pedals. Ryan just demoed their Furry and Fried fuzz/overdrive dual pedal. It’s pretty awesome! This week’s episode is also sponsored by Sinasoid. You like Techflex? You should, and since you should, you should also like Sinasoid. They have a crazy number of Techflex options available for addition to your custom cable order.

Steve has nothing new to say. Ryan talks about using the Nux Solid Studio live in concert with the Nux Wireless guitar plug.

Pictures, yo.

1. Apple Red Blues Jr

2. Is Ernie Ball/MusicMan taking over the guitar world? 

3. Midnight Flippin’ Cowboy

4. What did child Ryan and child Steve thing about music?

5. Lost Bet

This week’s music was sent by Jake Fields and is called “Good Vibez”

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