238 – Reggae for Aliens


This episode was brought to you by Walrus Audio. They just released the Defcon 4 Ryan Adams signature pedal. The Defcon 4 is an ultra-versatile tone shaping device. Check out Ryan’s demo. This episode is also brought to you by Sinasoid. If you’re looking for solderless cables in a wide variety of color options, go check out the selection at Sinasoid. It’s incredible!

Steve and Ryan talk about the death of the Wheel of Pedals. Steve talks about the thing he bought from Sweetwater.

Pictures of things

1. MIC MIA Fender

2. What’s the difference between a boutique builder and a manufacturer?

3. 200 guitars for sale

4. What music would you play for aliens?

5. Axe bass

This week’s song was sent by Ben Bleichrodt of Two and a half Leagues. The song is called “Two Long Weeks”

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