243 – Put it in your thing


This week’s episode is sponsored by Gunstreet Wiring Shop. Whether you’re looking for something modern for your Strat or something classic for your Les Paul, Gunstreet has the team to provide you with expert advice on getting the right wiring kit for you. This week’s episode is also sponsored by Sinasoid. You like Techflex? You should, and since you should, you should also like Sinasoid.

This week Steve talks about selling some gear and being on the Tele Talks! IG and Youtube channels. Ryan talks about getting his Epiphone SL fixed up as well as a kitchen update. Both the guys talk about hanging out at Coefest with Coe from Flippin Flippers, the guys from The Tone Jerks, Sean Pierce Johnson and Jennings Guitars.

Pictures, right?

1. Rickenbacker

2. What’s up with the Line 6 Helix Stomp?

3. Local art at the swap meet

4. Fender vs. Gibson

5. Custom Guitar

This week’s song was sent by Patrick Kenny, AKA Kipsy and is called “There was probably good as well”

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