249 – Robot Rights


This episode was brought to you by Chase Bliss Audio. Today is Dark World day. Go to the CBA website to learn more about this new dual reverb pedal. This week’s episode is brought to you by Sinasoid. Right now Sinasoid is selling the Panhandle Giving Cable in order to raise funds for those affected by Hurricane Michael in North Florida. While you’re there, also check out the Slate. Slate is Sinasoid’s signature cable, perfect for heavy duty use in the studio or in any live rig. This week’s episode is also sponsored by Gunstreet Wiring Shop. Whether you’re looking for something modern for your Strat or something classic for your Les Paul, Gunstreet has the team to provide you with expert advice on getting the right wiring kit for you. 

This week Ryan talks about getting stuff from Graphtech. Steve talks about running a half-marathon.

pictures of stuff

1. Blood bath

2. Ryan and Steve talk about the new BOSS amps.

3. One piece at a time

4. How many pedals is unmanageable?

5. Robotuners

This week’s song was sent by Gerard Becker of MIAGII and is called “High Hopes”

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