This week’s episode is brought to you by Greenchild Amplification. Ryan just did a demo for the Valve Reaper. It’s rad. Go check it out. This episode was also sponsored by Sinasoid. We promote instrument and patch cables a ton, but did you know Sinasoid makes the Sasquatch series of super rugged speaker cables and power cables? Go see what they’ve got today! This week’s episode is lastly sponsored by Gunstreet Wiring Shop. Whether you’re looking for something modern for your Strat or something classic for your Les Paul, Gunstreet has the team to provide you with expert advice on getting the right wiring kit for you.

This week Steve talks about dropping his guitar off at Pitbull Audio. Ryan preps for the Dr. Scientist Atmosphere Giveaway. Chad has a whole bunch of Meris pedals. Click here to join our mailing list!

Pictures –

1. Z Pickups

2. All About Chad Jennings

3. Signed by Christians

4. The guys discuss how to steal a guitar

5. Brown Liquor

This week’s song is from Emily Harris of the Get Offset podcast and is called “Green Lake Loops”