254 – Off topic and it feels so good


This episode is brought to you by Sinasoid. If you’re looking for solderless cables in a wide variety of color options, go check out the selection at Sinasoid. It’s incredible! This week’s episode is also sponsored by Gunstreet Wiring Shop. Whether you’re looking for something modern for your Strat or something classic for your Les Paul, Gunstreet has the team to provide you with expert advice on getting the right wiring kit for you. Lastly this episode was brought to you by Chase Bliss Audio. Chase Bliss Audio has a whole line up of super-versatile analog pedals. By combining a digital brain with an analog heart, CBA has broken the idea that analog pedals have to be simple.

Steve talks about buying vinyl. Ryan talks about his Mahar Strat copy.

Pictures of things

1. Dunlop Board

2. Let’s talk about the worst/best Christmas gifts

3. Jazzmaster

4. Are brands muddying the waters with inaccurate descriptions?

5. Rape Van

This week’s song was sent by Johan Emet and is his take on the theme from He-Man.

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