257 – Imagine New Memes


This episode was brought to you by Sinasoid. If you’re listening to this on a Monday, then tomorrow is Tech Tuesday! On Tech Tuesday, Sinasoid puts out a pre-selected cable and Techflex combination that’s always beautiful. Go check it out right now! This episode was also brought to you by D’addario. Regardless of what style you play, the D’addario XL portfolio has something that will maximize your tone and feel. Go check out their line up today!

In this episode Ryan opens up with talking about the final days of the slogan contest where you can win a Dr. Scientist Atmosphere. Steve plays along, but he doesn’t really have anything new to say.

Is this a picture?

1. Rock Telecaster

2. Ryan and Steve discuss why they buy new gear.

3. Rolly-1000

4. It’s 2019 so it’s time for #20newmemes

5. 1966 Mustang

This week’s music was sent by Sven Nystrom of the band Lödånger and is called “Jag låtsas jag vet jag hoppas”

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