Scrote guitar – MEGAQUAKE – too many guitars? – Sad P-Bass – Genre Geography – Gibphone This episode was brought to you by: D'Addario Dual Lock Straps Chase Bliss Audio In this episode Ryan talks about a few smaller companies that he's been working with: Birmingham Sounds, Farm Pedals and Dirty Haggard Audio. Look at this stuff 1. Scrotum Guitar 2. Would you rather have several guitar, or just one... Continue Reading →

282 – Ugly Floyd Rose LP – $1000 guitar case – MIA Partscaster – Bedroom vs. Live Pedals – Holey Martin This episode was brought to you by: Sinasoid Custom ShopD'Addario Auto Lock Straps Chase Bliss Audio  In this week's episode Steve talks about being on the Just Surprise Me podcast. Ryan talks about redesigning the 60 Cycle Hum studio space.  IMGUR1. Floyd Crap2. How much is a guitar case worth? How is a $1000 case... Continue Reading →

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