BLAST OFF! IT’S PARTY TIME! 60 Cycle Hum and friends do ADS ADS ADS for Episode 300

The 300th episode features a bunch of our fellow YouTube and podcast friends. Big thanks to everyone who showed up to record or sent in a record, and thanks to everyone who has supported us over the years. Ryan and I are constantly astonished at how the show has grown over 300 regular episode (plus all of the other episodes we’ve released)

This week’s episode is sponsored by:

Mojo Stompboxes (and guitars)

D’addario XT strings

Chase Bliss Audio

Here’s a whole bunch of pictures you want to look at

Here’s the list of ads and everyone who participated:

– Sean Pierce Johnson (Stompbox Saturday) & Coe Schneider (Flipping Flippers podcast) Talking about a body art B.C. Rich with a ladies butt on it!

The Guitar Nerds talking about a Yamaha G10 midi guitar

– Aaron (the Gear Slum podcast) & Are Jay (Tele Talks & Just Surprise Me podcast) talking about a carved up SG

– Soviet Aluminum Acoustic – Kyle (the Tone Jerks) & Steve Rowe

– Kurt’s DS-1 – The Get Offset podcast

– Fake Gretsch – Aaron (Gear Slum) & Brian (the Tone Jerks)

– Painted P Bass with the Tone Jerks

– Peavey Programax with Clifton Worley and Flippin’ Paul

– Steve Howe’s Quark Board (YES) with the Flippin’ Flippers

– Pterodactyl Guitar with Ryan and Steve (yelling a lot) and everyone else!

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