$50 Wesbury – Electric Parlor Wars – Experimental Telecaster – How soon to FLIP – Bumpy Barreta


This week’s episode is sponsored by:

Mojo Stompboxes (and guitars)

D’addario XT strings

Chase Bliss Audio

Singular Sound (use code 60cyclehum to save $10)

Ryan and Steve bring you a regularly scheduled good time. Steve talks about picking up a Rode NT-USB, while Ryan talks about demoing the Wampler Terraform


1. $50 Westbury

2. Maybach vs B&G vs Wide Sky: Does someone own the parlor electric guitar?

3. Experimental Tele

4. How long should you wait before flipping a pedal?

5. Baretta Body

This week’s song was sent by Aaron Grabemeyer and is called “That’s Alright”

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