Kramer Bungee – FAKE SHREDDING DRAMA- Tetanuscaster – Can guitar survive the century? – Sonic Guitar

This week’s episode is sponsored by:

D’addario XT strings

Chase Bliss Audio

Oh, you think you’re tough? but are you watch a full 80 minutes of guitar podcast tough? I didn’t think so.

In this episode we talk about Mr. Black Friday, and selling your kid’s stuff on Craigslist. Then we get into a crusty old Kramer, the high speed shred drama that’s going around the internets, a guitar that WILL GIVE YOU TETANUS, whether or not guitar can survive the century? and AND a Sonic the Hedgehog themed guitar.

Here is a link to pictures

This week’s song was sent by Matt Hart from the band Never New and is called “MurMurRoar”

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