Two Bridges – Are Vintage Guitars worth it? – HOLY BASS – Cheap gear vs. the Environment – Pick your Poop

This week we talk about an acoustic guitar with TWO BRIDGES, Homeschool romance, The value of vintage guitars, a weigh relieved bass, saving the planet and a crappy guitar pick holder.

This week’s episode is sponsored by:

D’addario XT strings

Chase Bliss Audio

Want to know what’s going on in our lives? Steve bought a pedal from Like My Pedals. Ryan has a wart on his hand.

Nickelback this

1. Double bridge guitar

2. Are vintage guitars worth what people ask for them?


4. Does cheap gear have a major impact on the environment?

5. Crappy pickholder

This week’s song was sent by Ben Fehr from the band Madness and Civilization and is called “Hypnotized”

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