Current events – Burning Tele – GC Looting – Goonies – Fulltone – Body Count – Shark guitar

If you are expecting a guitar show, you are going to get it, but we aren’t going to be quiet along the way. If you think you are owed a distraction from the world we live in you aren’t going to get it here.

We are throwing some of our own money towards a local woman who was injured by the police while peacefully & lawfully protesting. All superchats from this ep will go her way, or donate here

This episode brought to you by

Chase Bliss, for pedals more creative than your are, check out

And Daddario Strings, dont be a sucker, get strings that last forever D’addario XT strings

In this week’s episode Ryan and Steve talk about people getting aggro because we posted a picture on Youtube

Can’t stop the photo rush 

1. Burned Up Telecaster

2. Guitar Center’s been looted

3. Goonies Skeleton

4. Fulltone…come on now

5. Shark Guitar

This week’s song is by Wilson Marks and is called “Burn It”

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